Bolt LEDE/OpenWrt Community firmware

Compiled from Trunk sources for the Linksys 1900, 3200, and 1200 series routers

Unleash your router's potential with an Embedded Operating System desinged to run hundreds of different types of powerful programs.

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*NEW* The 1900ac has the cpu idle (Reboots on latest kernels) issue resolved. The 1900ac v1 can now run on the latest kernels with out issue. All active warnings have been removed.
*SECURITY PATCHES* for the wpa2 WIFI vulnerability are included in r5389 and later. These patches close the wpa2 vulnerability that could allow hackers to successfully perform the "KRACK attack".
*NEW* 3/30/2018 New builds have been release and are ready for download.
*NEW* 3/30/2018 A Release 3200ACM driver is now included in the lastest build

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*NOTE* When upgrading to LEDE, from OpenWrt or dd-wrt, don't save ANY settings unless you like to live dangerously!
If Upgrading from Linksys Factory Firmware, no settings are retained.

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Kernel version  4.14.34
WiFi driver

Linksys WRT1900ac

     v1 Mamba :Downloaded Today = 6

     v2 Cobra :Downloaded Today = 3

     ACS Shelby :Downloaded Today = 9


     Rango :Downloaded Today = 15


     Caimen :Downloaded Today = 1

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